Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recital Week: Designing the Recital Program

I spent a portion of this morning putting the final touches on my recital program and running to Staples to make copies. I'm always surprised at how much it costs to copy these programs! That's why I opt to keep the format simple and go for black and white over color programs. Otherwise I could be spending almost $2/program!

I choose to do my programs in booklet style- a nice, yet simple, front cover with my favorite music quote, then the program inside. An insert contains a brief bio on each student performing that evening. I started doing this a few years back and I think it's a nice way to get to know a bit more about each performer.

Something else I always include at the end of the program is a list of the students who won't be performing due to scheduling conflicts or other situations.
I have a few students this year who had picked pieces for the recital and were planning to perform but are having to miss due to unexpected conflicts, and I want to reward their hard practice efforts over the past piano term.

How do you design and format your recital program? Are there any great tips you've discovered along the way that students love or that have been major cost cutters for you?


  1. Thanks for sharing Sarah, the program looks great! I am also working on my recital program and I agree that these should be printed on black and white to make it cost effective. However, you might consider printing on colored paper which is a little more but makes the program look quite attractive. I'm definitely planning on using colored paper this year :) I like your idea about a brief bio of each student, that's so nice beyond just announcing the name. I also like to thank parents for their support and also for bringing refreshments if you're having a potluck party and reception after..:)

  2. Here is a fun idea I try every once and a while. I have the names of the students in one column and the pieces in the other column, but mixed up. The audience must match performer to piece by listening more carefully to each student as they introduce themselves and announce what they bare playing. I give a small prize to anyone who hands in their program with the correct matches.

  3. Wendy- That's an excellent idea! I've considered it in the past, but always stuck with plain white paper- BORING! Some fun paper would definitely brighten up the simple black-and-white. :)

    BusyB- That sounds like fun! I'll have to try that sometime- I think that would even be fun to do in a group lesson.