Friday, May 6, 2011

I Offer PIANO Lessons

I realize I haven't posted much this week, and this will probably be the case until the recital is over, but I wanted to share a brief snippet of what life's been like in my studio this week.

Yesterday I made the mistake of asking a student whether he enjoyed piano lessons (note to self for the future- kids are honest and don't have a problem with being blunt ;) ). Here's how the conversation went:

Me: (at the end of the lesson) So, are you glad you came to your lesson today?
Student: No
Me: Don't you enjoy piano lessons? (hint, hint)
Student: No (obviously didn't take the hint!)
Me: Well, why don't you enjoy piano lessons?
Student: Because we never do anything fun in piano lessons!
Me: I see (as I remember the fun jelly bean studio activity I did the previous week). Well, what would make lessons more fun for you?
Student: If we learned how to play the flute.
Me: Well, you come here to learn how to play piano, not flute, that's why we call them piano lessons!

It always amuses me to see what kids come up with and the way their minds work! This made me laugh a bit in the middle of a long afternoon of lessons. Have your students done or said anything recently that made you laugh?

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