Sunday, May 8, 2011

Organization Projects and New Studio Finds!

With the recital coming up I've not been developing as many new teaching aids, so my attention has turned to organizing over the past week! A recent post by Nicole over at Nickel Notes started my creative juices flowing, and a subsequent trip to Hobby Lobby resulted in some of these new organization attempts:

I found these great little boxes sold in sets of 3 for $5.99/set. While not incredibly cheap, I loved the clear design (makes it easy to find what's inside!) and the fact that they were stackable. So bought two sets and labeled them with each Piano Adventures level.
Up to this point I've just had all my flashcards, games, and other small manipulatives in one big box, which makes it a bit of a headache when I'm trying to find something!! I figured having larger boxes for each level would help keep things better organized, and hopefully help me find what I need more quickly. While the games and flashcards that go into each box will not be mutually exclusive to that level alone, I'll be placing flashcards and games into the box where those concepts are taught (FACE in level 1, eighth notes in 2A, etc.).

I also picked up these gems for only $1.99 and plan to make a few sets of alpha-gems this week! I also have a few other ideas up my sleeve...

Something else I picked up at Staples a while back but thought I'd mention as well are these great little mini dry-erase boards. They're great to use for ear-training activities in lessons, and my students love being able to use the dry-erase boards for many other activities as well.

Finally, my accordian file. I wanted a better way to organize all my worksheets, scale charts, stickers, etc. and Nicole mentioned using an expandable file. Why had I never thought of that?!

It was a great idea! I used bright colors and designated separate folders for worksheets, scale binder materials, stickers, and other lesson materials.

I don't know about you, but I LOVE getting organized! Have you found any great organizational methods or materials recently?

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