Monday, April 11, 2011

FACE Worksheets

I've been having so much fun with my new laminator! It is probably one of the most versatile investments I have ever made for my studio. Not only can I use it to protect flashcards and game pieces, but I've recently started laminating my worksheets to eliminate paper waste.

Her are a few that I've created in the past week (and laminated of course! :) ). I can't wait to start using them with my students this week.

I have a fair number of students who are in Piano Adventures Level or have recently started Level 2A. I created these worksheets to help drill the treble clef space notes. Using FACE is an excellent way to reinforce spatial recognition as students use both 3rds and 5ths to identify these notes.

My goal is to drill these notes and then continue by translation that knowledge onto the keyboard, which is part of the purpose of the final worksheet. Note recognition doesn't mean anything unless they can translate it onto the keys, in my opinion at least!

As always, please feel free to provide feedback and use any of these worksheets for your own personal studios (click on the printables tab and scroll down to find these worksheets).


  1. Thanks for posting these. They will be a great addition to my lab binders. I recently discovered a fun song/video on youtube by MooToobMoosic that helps students learn the space notes. My 4 yr old daughter loves it so much she figured out how to play it by ear on the piano. It helps that the first four notes are FACE:)

  2. Very nice! Thank you for sharing.

  3. These look great--thank you so much for posting them

  4. Heidi- I just went to and watched the FACE video- adorable! :) Looks like that site might be another great resource- thanks for sharing.