Friday, April 15, 2011

Surprise Composition Activity

Ever since group lessons last month, one of my Friday evening students has asked without fail at her lesson, "Are we going to play a game this week?" So I decided to cook up a little surprise for her this evening (don't tell on me and let her know that this kinda wasn't a game- she LOVED it ;) ).

She has just started learning about the staff, and I decided it would be fun to do a little composition activity! I pulled out one of my handy laminated worksheets and we used the back to make our grand staff (I did the staff lines but she did everything else).

Then we talked about what notes we wanted to add and what rhythms. She hasn't yet learned about time signatures, only knows 3 notes, and I didn't want to take a huge amount of time on this activity, so we just picked 6 notes and didn't worry about bar lines and measures.

Then we chose a title for the piece. As you can see, her mind was on sports with spring in the air! After we had our piece all completed she got to play it on the piano. She was so excited about this activity and called her mom and little brother into the room at the end of the lesson to play her composition for them.

Just a little fun away from the piano on a Friday afternoon! Have you had any teaching inspirations yesterday for your students?

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