Sunday, May 1, 2011

Updated Major Arpeggio Visual Guide and NEW Minor Arpeggio Visual Guide

With the recital coming up in (gulp!) just two weeks, my blogging time will most likely be scarce, or at least the number of new resources posted. My main focus will be on preparing my students for the performance, not about teaching new skills.

However, this is a project I've been wanting to finish up for weeks now, and a rainy, cold Sunday afternoon was just the motivation I needed to complete it.

On my printables page you will find an updated, more colorful version of my 2-Octave Major Arpeggio Visual Guide, as well as a completed Minor Arpeggio Visual Guide!

Please enjoy using these in your own studios- and drop me a comment to let me know how they're working for you (and if there are any ways I can improve them!). Hope you all are having a bit more sunshine this afternoon- what a way to welcome in May!

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