Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Called to Authenticity

I was inspired by this quote in a book I'm currently reading:

"In what ways are you allowing the next generation to see authenticity in your life?...Do you realize that your walk with God could affect many future generations?" ~Beth Moore, "Breaking Free"

As a Christian, I see my role as teacher as so much more than that! I'm a teacher, yes, but I'm also an ambassador of the Gospel, and a witness to Christ in every lesson that I teach.

Does God come up in every lesson I teach? Of course not, but my actions can speak just as loudly as my words! I want my students to see the attitude and actions of Christ in my life in the way that I relate them on a weekly basis.

I've been challenged by these words to take my call to authenticity more seriously as I plan for my lessons, and look for ways to witness to my students every day! By being faithful and planting the seeds, who knows what kind of a harvest God will reap in the lives of my students?


  1. Lovely,Sarah! I do think we can do more than just teach piano. We can love them as Christ loves them and encourage them in their faith. I'm teaching in Alexandria, VA and just enjoyed the Howard County Fire Dept Pipe and Drums Brigade at the St. Patrick's Day in Old Town this morning!

    1. Valerie- Thank you so much for your words! I try to view myself as a witness- especially to those students and families who aren't believers. The way I interact with them on a weekly basis can REALLY have an impact- even if I never see the fruit, I might be planting seeds that will bloom further down the road.

      The St. Patrick's Day event sounds wonderful! So glad you could get out and enjoy the music :)

  2. Absolutely agree, Sarah! I've been musing a lot lately on different ways to show my students that I care about them and their lives. It is a great chance to show God's love in a 30+ minute time span. This is along the lines of my "outside the music box" lesson I gave a few weeks ago. I posted about it on my blog if you want to read about it. Keep up the good work and focus!!

  3. Leah, Yes, I DID read your post about your outing with your student, and it was a real encouragement to me! I don't have many older students at this point, but I do have a high schooler who I am hopefully going to be starting a small group Bible study with in the spring, along with some of her friends.

    I look back on life and can still remember those teachers who most impacted my life- I want to be like one of those teachers for my current students!