Friday, March 9, 2012

I get such a kick out of the way my students 're-define' musical terms from time to time!

Yesterday, I was working with a student on a piece that ended with a repeated pattern ascending by octaves each measure. As we looked at the section and he played through it, I asked him if he could help me describe the movement from one measure to the next. After a few seconds of intense thought, he turned and with a huge smile blurted out:

"A cocktail!"

After I explained that the term was actually octave, not cocktail, we went on with the lesson, but every time an octave appeared from then on, he'd get a mischievous look in his eyes and mention the "cocktail."

What's the silliest thing your students have come up with lately?!


  1. Many octave changes has the same effect as a cocktail. "I feel like a retard at the end of the song." "What?" I said.

  2. Thanks for your comment BusyB- yes- the rit. can be the source of many jokes ;)