Friday, February 10, 2012

Latest Addition to the Home Studio

Look what's been going on in my studio this week:

I finally got a Piano Life Saver System installed on my piano! I've been wanting to do this ever since I purchased my new piano over a year ago, but the piano purchase was enough of an expense that I needed to wait for a time to save up for the system.

Finally, with the help of a little Christmas money, I was able to schedule an install of this system. I am thrilled that it's finally installed and running. There were a few hiccups in getting the system set up, involving drilling holes in my piano so that the tubing could fit:

but I know that this will really help extend the life of my instrument. Maryland is famous for it's hot, humid summers, and we don't run our air-conditioning system all that often, so I really wanted to be as proactive as possible in protecting my piano.

Have you taken steps to get a similar system on your instrument? Do you think that this is a good investment? I'd love to hear your opinions!


  1. Congrats!! Yes!! a very good investment. Here in Montana, we have the opposite problem... no humidity at all! When I had my grand renovated, I had the DampChaser installed. Now I make jokes about having to water my piano... :) Carla in MT

  2. Thanks for your comment Carla. It's great to hear that you think it was a good investment. I'm really hoping to see the positive effects come summer :)

  3. Sarah, I was just talking to a friend about this system the other day. Here in Canada we would probably have to water our pianos too- not much humidity.

    If you don't mind, would you be willing to share how much this system cost? If you want to email me privately, my email address is

  4. Hi Leah,

    I'm happy to share that information with you. I got a pretty good deal on the install- around $450.00. My piano tuner is wonderful and I haven't found another person who is more thorough and charges such reasonable prices.

    It was definitely worth the cost, but also not something I could do on a whim- it took some saving! Hope this helps you make your decision.

  5. Love mine, too. And yes, being in dry Alberta I have to water it fairly frequently (every 3 weeks or so).

    Interestingly, only men and boys ever notice and ASK about the little Power/Water/Pads thing is attached right below the keyboard. What does THAT say?!

  6. LaDona- I agree! It's usually my male students who notice the 'contraption' and are full of questions on how it works :)

  7. I had just the dehumidifier portion of the Dampchaser installed 8 years ago. My piano stays in tune pretty well considering that I get it tuned once per year. Our home is newer and the humidity level stays pretty constant. That part cost a little over $100.

  8. That's very interesting- I had no idea that you could install just a portion of the system. Sounds like a much more economical option!