Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Loving Those Studio Surprises!

I absolutely LOVE it when my students surprise me with little tidbits from their week. Sometimes it will be a song they composed, other times they'll share about something they learned in music class at school, other times it will be a project that they undertook just to surprise me- their teacher!

I had one such surprise yesterday evening when a student proudly showed me this transcription of a song I'd taught him by rote.

While practicing the song over the week, he decided to try and see if he could write it out! I'll confess that it took me a bit to decipher his transcription, but I was really pleased to see that even though all the rhythms weren't correct, he had all the notes in the correct places. He had even gone one step further in the creative process and added a special ending onto the piece!

What 'surprises' have your students brought to their lessons recently?!

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