Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Summer Sightreading Goals: Take 2

How did my second weeks' attempt at sightreading go? Well...not so great. After my enthusiastic start to a summer of classical music sightreading I found that last week's schedule just wasn't conducive to sitting down and playing through some of my dusty anthologies of classics that haven't been visited in far too long. :(

But I wasn't a complete failure regarding music practice. I spent the bulk of my practice time sight-reading, selecting, and working up collaborative music for upcoming Sunday services- some lovely arrangements of both french horn and flute duets. I also found time to sightread through another recent church music purchase (review of that book coming soon) over the course of a day or two.

So, all things considered, I did find time to get some good sightreading in last week, just not exactly the genre I was hoping for. As they say, there's always tomorrow...although it's already Tuesday so I'd better get busy! I have several selections on my list from those who commented on my last sight-reading post, and I hope to get to those selections first before branching out on my own.

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