Friday, July 15, 2011

Halfway Thru Summer Already!

As summer is definitely my favorite season, I'm sure you can imagine that I write this post with mixed feelings. While the past 5 weeks of our summer term have been an absolute blast, I am still sad to see we're over the hump and moving into the second half.

As we approach the second half of the term, I've been spending some time mulling over some of the highlights thus far of the term. The practice contest is certainly turning out to be a huge success. I think at times there's nothing wrong with fostering a healthy sense of competition in your studio, and we've certainly had our share here this summer! Kids are so excited about coming to lessons each week to add to their ice cream cones and sundaes. While their minds are focused on the rewards, I, as the teacher can see other benefits as they are improving immensely because of the extra time they are putting into practice.

I can be as creative as I want while planning a practice incentive, but the ultimate success really depends on the students themselves. How will they react? Will they be inspired to work harder, or will they just not care? All it really takes is one or two kids who have that drive and it gets the whole studio abuzz.

I'm excited to say that that has definitely happened here! :) So, while I am happy in a successful term thus far, I have to give most of the credit to my amazing students who make it all worthwhile.

Have any inspiring stories to share from your summer term so far? Have your students been motivated? What are you doing to keep them focused and excited about lessons not that we've hit that mid-summer slump?!


  1. I so liked seeing your ice-cream charts. Thank-you again for starting the idea. A little more than half of my students are participating regularly in this incentive. They are talking about the ice-cream party in August. How are you going to handle the finale?

  2. I haven't done too much planning for our party. I've set the date and asked each child to show up with their favorite ice cream topping. We're going to make sundaes, but before that we'll have a 'mini-recital' where students can play a favorite piece from the summer term. Then after the ice cream is eaten, I'll be giving out awards for practice and recognizing the contest winners.

    Since the event is only one hour that will most likely be all that we have time for. In the past I've made the event a bit longer and done some themed games, but not this year.