Friday, July 29, 2011

Pasta and Piano

I just found this so adorable I had to share! While teaching yesterday afternoon, I was talking with one of my students about the tempo marking of a piece he was working on. I asked him what the tempo marking meant to him, and after studying it for a moment, he turned to me and said:

"It means a little bit faster than al dente."

It took me a moment to realize that he was referring to andante, but after that we both had a good laugh about making his tempo sound like 'pasta' and what that could mean!

Any of your students come up with their own alternate definitions recently? This is part of what makes teaching so much fun for me!


  1. Oh how cute! One little boy I teach always calls the octave sign the "V8" sign. 8va...close enough! Its too cute, I can never correct him!

  2. Sounds like some of my younger boys. They seem to get a kick out of 're-naming' musical terms...calling I and V7 chords "i" and "vee-seven". It IS cute- and I'm fine with it as long as I know they know the correct term. :)