Sunday, July 24, 2011

Another Great Resource for [Almost] Everything Musical

I have to confess- I LOVE getting magazines in the mail! And when I received a catalog from Music Treasures Company earlier this week, I couldn't wait to look through it to see just what they had to offer.

I was completely blown away by the variety of items they offered, and at pretty reasonable prices too! Not to mention a clearance section (always where I look first ;) ). From apparel to accessories and fun gifts, certificates and trophies to classroom and studio decor, they have a little bit of everything.

So I'm curious. Have any other teachers out there heard of this company or had experience with their service and products? What other companies have you ordered from in the past? Do you have and standard go-to places that offer hands down the best selection and deals?

I'm thinking of adding a page to my blog with a list of great resources like this, so any additional companies you can recommend would be great!


  1. A list of resources would be great! I live in Canada and would be interested in knowing about companies that ship to Canada without high shipping charges.


  2. Marion- A list is in the works! And I'll be on the lookout for your request as well.

    Anyone else know of companies that ship to Canada without high shipping rats?

  3. I usually order from or Either one usually is pretty good. Music Time's prices are usually lower, but their shipping is a little higher. Sheet Music Plus is the other way around. So it just depends on what you are ordering. Links to both these sites can be found on the right sidebar on my blog ( "Music For Every Instrument." Hope this helps!

  4. Thanks Nicole :) I appreciate the suggestions. I use Sheet Music Plus sometimes, but Amazon has been my #1 resource for ordering lately. They have a great 4-3 promotion, plus we have an AmazonPrime account with free 3-day shipping, so that makes Amazon the best deal hands down! teacher resource page is up and running- check it out!