Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Another Budding Composer?

I have been blessed with an incredible studio of musicians of all different ages and skill levels. But no matter their age or ability, they all have a special place in my heart and I am always so proud of them when they take extra initiative and surprise me with their efforts.

Like when a student who'd only had 4 lessons showed up for his 5th lesson today with this:

During his lesson last week, the topic of composition happened to come up, and this student seemed intrigued by the idea that he could actually write his own song. However, I hadn't realized how much he had taken the idea to heart until he came back with his own composition meticulously transcribed.

He had written an entire piece using only quarter, half, and whole notes (the only rhythms he knows at this point), a wide variety of dynamics, AND his own lyrics (with a little help from his mom!).

And what's more...he performed his piece with perfect attention to every detail he'd added.

Here he is proudly holding his work of creativity.

These little unexpected surprises are what make teaching so worthwhile for me and give me the endurance to make it through the lessons that aren't quite so positive.

Have any of your students surprised you lately?


  1. That is a cute little boy with a wonderful accomplishment. I had a surprise yesterday. A student found the words to explain to me that when we were writing notes on staff paper she finally understood the connection of notes to placement on the lines and spaces. I have been drilling single notes on one staff. She helped me see that she was more a global learner. So with all my fancy gadgets writing staff paper and pencil was the most effective tool.

  2. Thanks for sharing your own story- it's always exciting when students have those 'aha' moments!

    I've found too that it's often the simple things that work most effectively at driving those points home. That, and repetition- finding multiple ways to communicate the same concept.