Monday, April 30, 2012

Question of the Week: April 30, 2012 - Preparing Parents for Recital Events

Good morning! My studio recital is coming up in just about three weeks, and I know that many other teachers have May recitals as well.

Last Friday, I posted about my frustration over getting parents onto the recital bandwagon. I wanted to continue the discussion this week by opening up the floor for other teachers to share what they do in the weeks prior to a recital to make sure that parents know what's going on. After reading some of the comments from my last post, I am doing some specific things this week to make sure that parents and students are prepared and have the best recital experience possible.

I'll share those ideas at the end of the week, but for now, I want to hear from you!  

What do you do to help make communication more effective? How do you prepare both parents and students for the upcoming recital date?  

I'd love to hear feedback from seasoned teachers who may have some tried and true methods to share!


  1. I thought I would comment on how I prepare students for the recital. My recital is May 12th. This week will be our last week of regular lessons. Next week students will come at the same time on their normal lesson day. This is when we have a recital rehearsal (held in my home). We perform for each other as if it was the recital and go through recital etiquette, bowing, what to wear, how to go on stage etc. Then our recital is that Saturday morning. The following week I always follow up with a group- recital party. That concludes our year and gives them a pat on the back for all their hard work. After that my summer workshops begin.

  2. I am super lucky to have a recital venue that is free to me, my church. They also allow me to have all my lessons at the church the week before so some of the forgetting ends there, when they have to bring their child to the church building that week.

  3. Thanks for your comments and ideas :)

    Jennifer- I do pretty much the same thing as you over recital week (next week for me). I'm holding group lessons on Monday and Tuesday, dress rehearsal on Thursday, and then the recital on Friday evening. The following week is the final lesson for everyone- we do a post-recital evaluation and get ready for the summer term!

    BusyB- You're lucky to be able to have a lesson at the church with each student! I get most of them there ahead of time with a dress rehearsal, but an entire lesson would be a real bonus!

  4. Just for a post follow-up, here's what I did last week to try and foster better communication:

    Each student was sent home with a handout that listed all their upcoming lessons/group lesson time/dress rehearsal/recital. I made sure it got into the parents' hands. This was in addition to the monthly newsletter that also listed all these dates/times.

    I think it might have helped, but I still had a parent this morning ask when the group lessons were again...

    All we can do is keep reminding! ;)