Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Happy Dance

It's been a great week in my studio! I am so blessed with the students God has given me to teach, and while there are definitely good weeks and bad weeks, I can say without a doubt that I feel blessed to be a teacher. :)

Here are some of the reasons I'm doing a little happy dance this Friday afternoon:

1. I started 2 new students this week, and I can already tell that they are going to be wonderful additions to my studio!

2. I saw a positive response to a "you need to buckle down" conversation I had with a student last week. She came back this week and the difference was obvious- I was so proud of her for putting in the effort!

3. A student who's always been wishy-washy about practice is experiencing a practice revolution and exhibiting a much better attitude toward practice over the week.

4. Several students who are being diligent in memory work and asking about the upcoming recital because they're excited about performing!

5. Hearing about a performance given by one of my students at a Good Friday service at church (a student who is normally very shy about performing and has never been super enthusiastic about music/lessons in general).

6. Several encouraging messages from parents.

This was just what I needed to get back into the swing of things after our studio spring break! Have you felt especially blessed by certain students/parents recently?


  1. So nice to hear you've had a good week with your students! They've certainly given you reason to be encouraged. I definitely have good weeks/bad weeks. This was a bit more of a discouraging one, with two students being out of state at a family member's funeral, a couple of students not having pieces memorized for their exams in two weeks, and another whose dad said she can only do "one thing" next year... (doesn't piano usually fall to the bottom of the list?!). So it was an encouragement to me to be reminded that yes, there will be good weeks again too!

    1. Oh Tiffany- I hear you! The truth is that I have those weeks too (and all too often!). That's why I really try to celebrate the good ones and let them carry me through the bad weeks.

      And unfortunately, I have found your sentiment (doesn't piano usually fall to the bottom of the list) to be frustratingly true with several of my families. If a student is too busy and needs to cut something out- the music usually goes first. :( I wonder why that is?

      Anyway, praying and hoping that next week goes better for you!