Saturday, December 17, 2011

Fall 2011 Practice Contest Comes to a Close

My fall term came to an end yesterday evening with our annual Christmas party. Students were greeted by the completed wall of fame full of stars!

We celebrated with the sounds of the season as they each played a Christmas song, then we shared a pizza dinner and finished off the evening with a whole bunch of games.

But there's more to the end of the term than just fun and games. At lessons this past week, I reviewed each student's goal sheet (filled out at the beginning of the term) with them, and we discussed together what goals they feel they met, and what they need to focus on over the next term. It was a good way to wrap of the term and get them thinking about the term ahead.

I have make-up lessons this coming week and will also be working on students evaluations as I prepare for the coming term. It's been a really great fall!


  1. The pictures look fun. Could I ask how you do student evaluations? I presume their goals will be included. Do you give the parents this evaluation or is it for yourself?

  2. Hi BusyB,

    I do this after every term mostly for myself, though I offer the evaluations to parents if they are interested. For several terms, I used the student evaluation printable from Natalie Wickham's Music Matters website, but after a time I spun off and customized it to fit my own personal style.

    I collect the goal sheets from my students after we've discussed how well they met those goals and then evaluate how well I helped them along the way to meeting those goals. I then look ahead to the coming term and determine what I need to focus on with each student, and make a strategy to make it happen!

    Did that help answer any questions? I've found that while this is time consuming, it is SO valuable for me as a teacher!

  3. Yes, you answered my question and this coming week I will venture to make my evaluations more formal. Thank-you