Monday, June 27, 2011

Somebody Call the Tooth Fairy!

One of the reasons I love teaching is the never ending adventures that occur in weekly lessons. Like yesterday, for example. In the middle of a lesson while I was in the midst of a lengthy explanation, I happened to notice the student wasn't really paying attention. On the contrary, she had the oddest look on her face, and as I stopped talking and examined her more closely, I saw that she was holding a tooth in her hand!

Yes, while I had been talking away, she'd been slowly working on a very loose tooth with her tongue and it had popped out! We had a temporary lesson break while this situation was taken care of ;)

Whoever said teaching piano lessons was boring!?

So now I'm curious. What's one of the strangest things that's ever happened to you while in the middle of giving a piano lesson?


  1. I have a little boy who likes to fold backwards over the piano bench. He has great abs and somehow makes his way back up. One time his muscles failed him and he couldn't make it back up and before I knew it he had back flipped over the bench and landed behind. I was not able to stop laughing. I told him I wasn't teaching gymnastics.

  2. I have a little guy who is obsessed with hamsters. For some reason everything I say while teaching reminds him of a hamster, and he often says "Just like a hamster, right?" ......yes, indeed, half notes are JUST like hamsters, and so are quarter notes and staccato marks and so on...! (sarcasm) hehe :) It makes me laugh.

  3. BusyB- don't tell, but I used to do the same thing as a kid! Not at lessons, though, just when I was at home practicing. I never flipped off the bench though ;)

    Leah- I have a student who has innumerable stuffed hampsters and they used to appear regularly at weekly lessons. This is the same kid who decided to bring his stuffed bluebird to the recital when he played "Mr. Bluebird" are just so much fun sometimes!