Sunday, April 24, 2011

New Worksheets to Help Learn C and Middle C Positions

I had a student this past Friday who is just learning about the C Position in the Primer level of Piano Adventures. She's having a really hard time grasping the concept of using all 10 fingers at once. I assigned fewer pieces for her to work on and instead supplemented with some finger exercises in the C Position to help her get more familiar with the feel, but I also wanted to make some worksheets for her since she and several other students are just starting to experiment with the C Position vs. the Middle C Position.

This seems to be a really tough concept for many of my students to grasp. Even into the first Level of Piano Adventures they will get the two positions confused! I'm hoping these worksheets will help to solidify the differences between the two hand positions.

The first worksheet simply drills recognition of the two hand positions. It's a very simple exercise, but helps the student visualize the spatial difference between the two hand positions.
The second worksheet is a bit more involved and requires a good knowledge of finger numbers. Given a keyboard picture with one finger for each hand filled in, the student has to fill in the remaining fingers and then identify the hand position.

I haven't tried either of these out yet...but I'll definitely be using them in the coming week! Please send feedback- positive or negative- my way :)

Also...for those of you who often visit the printable section of my blog- how am I doing on organization? Do you find it easy to navigate and select the worksheet you want? Is there anything I can do to make things better organized?


  1. I have a student who won't focus unless football is somehow involved. I've slowly been running out of ideas, but then I discovered your football worksheets! Can't wait to use them for his next lesson!

    1. You're VERY welcome! I'm glad you found the worksheets and I hope they will help you engage your student in his upcoming lesson!