Thursday, August 4, 2011


I have a student who has been asking all summer for Star Wars music. There was always a reason we couldn't get to it...first, I needed to find music, then he was away on vacation, then there was another song I wanted him to finish first...but finally I decided to surprise him this week with the music!

I presented it to him first thing, and I asked him if he knew the song. His response? "I think so." But as he started to play the first few measures, I could tell the instant it 'clicked' as a huge smile lighted up his face and he kept playing.

Seeing that joy and excitement on the face of a student is a priceless treasure!


  1. I had a similar experience with one of my students who also wanted to play the Star Wars theme. It was a little advanced for him, so I arranged a version for him with a duet part for him mom. He loved it, and it was such a huge motivational tool for him to learn the last few notes needed for the piece! (That, and I've never seen any student learn triplets so fast!)

  2. Tanya- thanks for sharing. It sounds like there's something about Star Wars music! :) It is amazing how fast a student can learn when they are fully engaged, isn't it!