Thursday, March 31, 2011

Group Lesson Week, Free Cool Music Notation Fonts, and Laminating Madness

It's been group lesson week here at Discoveries Piano Studio, and I think we've all enjoyed a slight change of pace from the usual weekly grind.

I've been working on several 'projects' through the week since I had a bit more free time and I'll be posting about them soon- after my students give them the test drive. But I wanted to share a few great things I've stumbled across and put to use this week.

While browsing the web earlier this week, I lighted upon a this website. Matthew Hindson, the owner of this site, has graciously provided several free music notation fonts for use with Windows, Mac, and Finale. I was so excited when I stumbled on this resource! There are fonts for figured bass, tempo indications, and even some really cool fonts for recorder and saxophone fingerings! I'd encourage you to visit this website and check out all the resources available.

I also wanted to share about my latest favorite gadget- my laminator. ;) Now, I'm sure that many of you teachers out there already own a laminator and use it on a regular basis, but I just recently bought mine and have been thrilled with the results! I found it for a very decent price on Amazon. I went a little wild this week (using the group lessons as my excuse!) and used it for the first time. I laminated flashcards and worksheets- it was a breeze! I'm only sorry that I didn't take the plunge and buy it sooner.

So that's been my week. A change of pace with group lessons and tapping into some great new resources. What new and unique resources have you found recently?

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  1. Check out my finger strengthening bees I found today! I gave a few to my students and they loved them...and I'm using one myself now too as I practice. I've seen the large clothespin used before, but the thing I love about these is that they are tiny and therefor encourage fine motor skills to use them properly.