Sunday, February 13, 2011

Valentine Activity for Note Recognition

As I'm always looking for innovative ways to emphasize and brush up on musical concepts, I couldn't let Valentine's Day pass me by without incorporating that theme into a special activity somehow ;). I've been wracking my brain since the beginning of the month trying to design a game/activity that I felt would work well for my students. I looked a several different websites, and read many many great suggestions.

Here is what I'm planning to do with my younger students this week:
I printed the Valentine Notes page off of Susan Paradis' website and bought some candy hearts.

Happy Valentine's Day Conversation Love Hearts Candy (small) PinkSherbetPhotographyToo!

Each student will choose 10 flashcards and then place a piece of candy on the correct note on the Valentine Note page. Then, they uncover and name each note. If they get it right, the candy goes in their bag. If they get it wrong, the candy goes back in my bag. A fun, and hopefully motivational activity!

For my earliest students who are not yet reading on the staff, I plan to use the actual keyboard as the 'gameboard' by having them draw musical alphabet letters and then placing candy on the correct key.

That's my plan for an opening activity this week- I'll let you know how it goes ;)

Photo credit: D Sharon Pruitt

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  1. I wanted to give an update on how this activity is going. All my students are LOVING the activity (though several have commented on how easy it is- I just tell them that's a good thing that they know their notes so well!). It's been a real encouragement to me to see how well my students are learning their notes.

    Once they have completed naming all 10 cards, we've been taking a little extra time to reposition the hearts on specific notes. I'll ask them to put hearts on the Landmarks (Treble and Bass C, Middle C, Treble G, Bass F), then the two FACE groups, then the G family (Treble, Middle, and Bass).

    This has been a great review activity :)