Thursday, January 5, 2012

Spring 2012 Practice Incentive: A Garden of Music!

I opted for a springy, garden-type theme for our contest, because even though it's only the early days of January, this teacher is already longing for spring!

Each student will begin with a butterfly and a caterpillar head. Every week their caterpillar will grow longer and longer as they add pom-pom segments for every 100 minutes of practice. On a separate page, the butterflies are on a quest for the flower garden, and every week they'll flutter closer depending on how many days of practice they've accomplished.

However, our flower garden needs a little help getting started! Good thing my students can help with that. ;) For every song they memorize, they get to plant a flower in the garden of music.

Below you'll see a copy of the handout each student will receive for their binders at their first lesson next week. I'm hoping that this will get my studio excited about lessons starting up again!


  1. What a cute idea! I'm still using my fishbowl, but will tuck this idea away for later.

    BTW, my "For Love of Piano" blog is now "Piano Playground" and the address is

    Somehow in the transition I lost my followers, including you! If you'd like to change the addy for following, that'd be great. :)

  2. Thanks for your compliments :) Tomorrow I get to see if my students feel the same way!

    Leah- I can't believe I missed that transition! I knew I hadn't heard from your blog in a long while, but figured you were just taking a Christmas break! I'm updating my list right now!