Friday, October 14, 2011

It's the Little Things

Yesterday afternoon, I answered the door for my first students of the afternoon (a brother and sister who do back-to-back lessons) to find them bearing smiles and these lovely flowers which they handed to me with the words, "thank you for being our piano teacher."

I was so touched! There are many days when I don't feel appreciated as a teacher, and when students and their parents go out of their way to give just a small gesture of appreciation it really makes my whole day brighter! It truly is the little things that make teaching so worthwhile.

Have you had any little surprises recently that have brightened your teaching week?


  1. That is lovely! Today the father of my student saw me filling my wheelbarrow with wood for my wood stove. While I went in to teach he finished the job. Yes, it is nice to be appreciated.

  2. How thoughtful! It is a great feeling to know you're appreciated.

    It's also a great reminder to me to show appreciation to others.

  3. I had a student bring me a MASSIVE oatmeal chocolate chip cookie just last week :) It was delicious! ...but I think her smiling face meant more than anything!

  4. MMM!!! Sounds yummy- had she made it herself?!