Friday, September 30, 2011

Fall Practice Incentive Update

I'm wrapping up my first month of the fall term, and am finally starting to see some of my students earn their first stars for the studio wall of fame. It's been really interesting to see which students are actually the most motivated about keeping the goals they set for themselves, and which students make only half-hearted attempts to keep their goals. There are always some surprises!

At this point, less than half of my studio have earned their first star, but I'm hoping that as time goes on I'll see my students start settling into more of a weekly routine and meeting more of their goals.

For those other teachers who have practice incentives for the fall; how are your students doing? Are they showing the diligence and motivation that you'd hoped they'd show?


  1. Thanks for sharing. These incentives are always slow to take hold, aren't they? That is why a visual in the studio is effective. Some of my students are finally aware of my incentive art project and they are building desire to participate. I am like that too. I hear of a project and the idea glances over me and as I hear about it again I re-evaluate whether I am interested. If it is working for others I re-visit and ramp up my commitment.

  2. Visuals really do make all the difference, especially if they can see that other students are already up on the board and they're not up there yet! That's always a motivation to the student to put out more effort.

    I've enjoyed reading about your art project on your blog, and I'm glad that your students are starting to get on board and participate. :)